Pastor Raymond Eneas Lead Pastor

Dr. Raymond Eneas is the founder and lead pastor of Church of Compassion, which will be known for its life-giving culture, focused on leading people into an intimate relationship with God, discovering their purpose and gain greater understanding of the Kingdom of God.

Raymond is an author, motivational speaker and teacher who travels extensively speaking to many and has a deep passion for developing leaders and helping men become better fathers, husbands and leaders in their homes and communities.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Technical Management from Devry University, a Masters of Science degree in Leadership from Nova Southeastern University and was awarded an honorary doctorate degree in Theology. Raymond and his wife Brook have two amazing sons (Chancellor & Jaiden) and live in Orlando, Florida, where Church of Compassion is being launched on August 2nd, 2105.

Pastor Brook Eneas
Executive Pastor

Brook Marie inspires women and girls to get clarity on their purpose using clear, simple life principles. She has an uncommon gift to teach women and girls to live their dreams through her passion as an author, fitness coach and speaker. For more than a decade, Brook Marie’s contagious optimism and profound knowledge have helped people take back their sense of natural dominion and achieve their dreams.

Brook has studied and coached women and girls for over a decade and as such is versatile in communicating to large and small audiences on the subject matter. Combined, her 5 books have been sold around the nation and on international platforms. She’s coached hundreds of high visibility clients to the best mental and physical shape of their lives leading to national status and acclaim including TV hosts and models. The Womanhood University framework was created to help her filter the messaging for her own life and brand and the process resulted in her doubling revenue and profits and strategic purposeful partnerships. Since then she’s gone on to consult with many women as they design their private lives and public brands.

Brook Marie and her amazing husband, Raymond, homeschool their incredible sons, Chancellor Princeton and Jaiden Christopher.